§ 250_250.50

Revise the first paragraph of this section as follows:

250. 250.50 Grounding Electrode System. All grounding electrodes as described in 250.52(A)(1) through (A)(7) that are present at each building or structure served shall be bonded together to form the grounding electrode system. A concrete encased electrode as defined by Section 250.52(A)(3) shall be installed at each new building or structure, and for existing buildings or structures when a new or replacement foundation or footing with a perimeter length of 6.0 m (20 ft) or more is installed. Where none of these electrodes exist, one or more of the grounding electrodes specified in 250.52(A)(4) through (A)(8) shall be installed and used.

Exception: Concrete-encased electrodes of existing buildings or structures shall not be required to be part of the grounding electrode system where the steel reinforcing bars or rods are not accessible for use without disturbing the concrete.



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