§ 700_700.12

(F). Revise the last paragraph of this section as follows:

700. 700.12(F). Unit Equipment.

San Francisco has deleted language from the 2010 California Electrical Code from this paragraph. Unit equipment shall be permanently fixed in place (i.e., not portable) and shall have all wiring to each unit installed in accordance with the requirements of any of the wiring methods in Chapter 3. Flexible cord-and-plug connection shall not be permitted. The branch circuit feeding the unit equipment shall be the same branch circuit as that serving the normal lighting in the area and connected ahead of any local switches. The branch circuit that feeds unit equipment shall be clearly identified at the distribution panel. Emergency luminaires (illumination fixtures) that obtain power from a unit equipment and are not part of the unit equipment shall be wired to the unit equipment as required by Section 700.9 and by one of the wiring methods of Chapter 3.



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