§ 760_760.180

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760. 760.180. System Requirements.

(A) Supervising Station Fire Alarm Systems. Supervising station fire alarm system wiring installed within or on buildings shall be installed in metallic raceways.

Exception: Communication conductors installed entirely within a dedicated telephone equipment room, switchboard area or fire control room.

(B) Source of Power. The circuit supplying the fire warning system may be connected to either the line or load side of the service disconnect. Circuits shall be protected by means of an externally operated fused safety switch or a circuit breaker either in a separate enclosure or within a switchboard entirely separate from other circuit breakers. The switch and/or circuit breaker shall be clearly labeled and locked in the on position.

Exception: When connected to a circuit supplied by an emergency generator, or when monitored by a required 24-hour agency, a fire warning system equipped with a standby battery may be provided.

Chapter 8. Communications Systems

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Chapter 9. Tables and Examples

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