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89. 89.122. Permit Issuance.

(A) General. An issued permit entitles the permittee to proceed with the installation described therein. Work done in excess of that shown on the application will be subject to extra permit fees as set forth in Section 110A, Table 1A-F – Specialty Permit Fees – of the Building Code. The issuance of a permit does not constitute an approval or an authorization of the work specified therein. Neither the issuance of a permit, nor the approval by the Building Official of any document, shall constitute an approval of a violation of any provision of this code or any law or ordinance. A permit or other document purporting to give authority to violate any code, law or ordinance shall not be valid with respect thereto. Permits shall not be transferable. Proposed electrical installations delineated on a permit application shall be performed only by the permittee or bona fide employee thereof in accordance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Chapter 2, Part IV. The permit shall be posted on the job site where the work is to be done.

(B) Permit Expiration. Electrical permits expire per Section 106A.4.4 of the San Francisco Building Code. Permit fees may be partially refunded if cancellation request is made to the Building Official prior to commencement of the permitted work and within 90 days of the date of permit issuance. See Section 110A, Table 1A-R – Refunds – of the Building Code for refund.

(C) Commencement of Work on Permit Expired Due to Work Not Started. Before work may be commenced on an expired permit on which no work was performed, a new permit shall be obtained.

(D) Recommencement of Work on Permit Expired Due to Work Not Completed. The applicant shall secure a new permit for the work notcompleted. The permit fee shall be based uponitems or work remaining to be done.

(E) Cancellation of Permit: Permits may be canceled by the Building Official:

(1) If after inspection, it is judged by a senior inspector that the permit holder is unable or unwilling to correct an unsafe condition or Code violations.

(2) If the permit was obtained fraudulently or under false pretenses.



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