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89. 89.123. Fees

(A) General. Permit and inspection fees, as set forth in Section 110A, Table 1A-E — Electrical Permit Fees — of the Building Code, shall be paid prior to permit issuance. When additional permit or inspection fees are due, they shall be payable prior to issuance of Permission to Connect Current, Certificate of Occupancy, or Declaration of Inspection.

(B) Other Fees. A standard hourly inspection fee shall be charged for services provided by Electrical Inspection Division personnel which are not otherwise detailed. See Section 110A, Table 1A-G – Inspections, Surveys and Reports – of the Building Code.

(C) Work Without Permit – Investigation Fee. If the Building Official finds that a person, company or entity has performed electrical installation work for which a permit is required, without first obtaining an electrical permit and payment of fees,the Building Official shall require the paymentof an investigative fee in addition to the prescribed permit fee. See Section 110A, Table 1A-K- Penalties, Hearings, Code Enforcement Assessments-of the Building Code for the applicable fees. The payment of such investigation fee shall not exempt any person from compliance with all other provisions of this Code, nor from any penalty prescribed by law. The Building Official may reduce the investigation fee to two times the amount of the permit fee as called for in Section 110A, Table 1A-E – Electrical Permit Fees – of the Building Code for work that was constructed prior to the current building ownership if the owner files with the Building Official notarized affidavit together with documents substantiating such dates of work.

Appeal of such investigative fee may be filed with the Board of Appeals in the manner provided in Part III of the San Francisco Municipal Code. Such filing shall be subject to the fees and rules of the Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals, in reviewing the appeal may reduce the appealed amount to not less than two times (2x) the permit fee as set forth in Section 110A, Table 1A-E– Electrical Permit Fees — of the Building Code.



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