§ 89_89.127

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89. 89.127. Inspection.

(A) General. All electrical equipment, wiring and systems, regulated by this code and for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection to insure compliance with this code. Upon the completion and final approval of the permitted installation and payment of all permit and inspection fees, a Declaration of Inspection shall be issued. Said declaration shall indicate in concise terms the electrical installation thus approved and the date of approval.

(B) Unlawful Use of Electrical Energy. It shall be unlawful to energize an electrical installation in, on or about any building, structure or property in the City and County of San Francisco unless a Certificate to Connect Current (Green Tag) has been issued. The Certificate to Connect Current authorizes the owner of the structure to energize the permitted installation.

(C) Inspection Requests. It shall be the responsibility of the permit holder to notify the Electrical Inspection Division orally or in writing when the permitted installation will be ready for inspection. Such notification shall be given at least 24 hours before any inspection is desired. Inspections may be performed outside of normal inspection hours by prior arrangement and prepayment. See Section 110A, Table 1A-G – Off-hours Inspections – of the Building Code for the applicable fees.

(D) Required Inspections. Required inspections shall include:

(1) Pre-Cover Inspection. Electrical equipment, wiring and systems authorized by permit shall be inspected for code compliance prior to covering or concealing.

(2) Final Inspection. Final inspection and demonstration of satisfactory operation shall be made after the installation authorized by permit has been completed.

(3) Other Inspection. As may be required to insure compliance with the provisions of this code.

(E) Electrical Wiring or Installation Unlawful to Conceal. It shall be unlawful to conceal, cover, or put into use electrical wiring, installations, or parts thereof, until such has been inspected and accepted as prescribed in this code. Whenever such work is concealed or covered before first having been inspected and approved, or whenever electrical wiring or systems are installed and concealed or covered without a permit, the Building Official may require, by written notice to the responsible person(s) that such wiring or installation be exposed for inspection. The work of exposing and reconstructing portions of a structure for such work shall not entail expense to the City and County of San Francisco or any of its officials or employees.

(F) Reinspections. Reinspections shall be required when any of the following conditions occurs:

(1) When the portion of the work for which inspection is requested is incomplete or not code complying.

(2) When previously identified deficiencies in the work are not properly corrected.

(3) When the approved construction documents are not available to the inspector.

(4) When access is not provided on the date and time of the inspection appointment.

(5) When there are deviations from the approved construction documents.

The first reinspection for failure to comply with code requirements shall not be assessed a re-inspection fee. All subsequent reinspections on a job for the same or subsequent errors or omissions shall be charged with a reinspection fee. A Certificate of Final Completion and Occupancy or final approval shall not be granted until the required fees are paid. See Section 110A, Table 1A-G – Inspections, Surveys and Reports – of the Building Code for applicable reinspection fees.



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